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Perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Over 4 and a half years ago Stewart Mcentire @stewart_mcentire89 asked me to coach him. When I saw how he lifted his lack of mobility was a major concern. He couldn’t squat to parallel without excessive rounding of his back. His hips and entire back were so tight I didn’t know if he would ever squat properly let alone learn how to snatch or clean & jerk.

From the beginning I told him it would take years. It would take him to discontinue training and solely do mobility work for over 6 months. He listened and did what he was told. When he obtained the mobility to squat we began slowly building a solid foundation. After some time he did a modified version of our Practical Squat routine (post on At the completion of it he squatted 190 kg for 2 reps in 2018. We then spent more time on his snatch and clean & jerk.

In 2019 he did the entire 8 week routine and back squatted 225 kg. 215 is shown in the video as I didn’t have an opportunity to film 225 but you can see by how easy 215 was he did it. Repeat the process on lifts and in the spring of this year after completing the squat routine he back squatted 255 kg in our garage during lockdown. He even missed a lighter attempt before making 255 kg. He sat down and said “ I know I can do more.” so we went for 255 (from 245) and made it. What’s my point? Success, personal or professional, is achieved by hard work. Unglamorous hard work in the gym and at home when no one is watching. There are no shortcuts. Be coachable and honest with where you are now so you can become what you aspire to be.

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