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3 Important Training Principles

Don't Train Through Pain

Specifically acute joint or muscle pain. It’s not tough or savage, it’s just stupid. General preparation to develop structural integrity first is what will allow you to develop a surplus of strength, mobility, and stability that will lead to longevity in weightlifting. Look at how @luxiaojunbarbell now 37, has changed his training. More mobility and core work thanks to @mohamedkine1 Back off intense training when necessary. There is no amount of work you can do today that can offset the amount of work you can do through a properly structured training program throughout the week.

Fundamentals First

Take your time so that high-intensity training can be done later. It is the fundamental, boring work in the first 2-3 years of training that will establish the possibility for longevity. It is this kind of mature athlete who will always be the ones with greater longevity and success. Immature athletes who begin high-intensity training too soon may get ahead for a while but eventually will have to step aside because they become so beat up and broken while the mature athlete is sticking to a long term plan of development and continues to train day in and day out until they are prepared physically for intense training. The consistency in training the fundamentals first is what adds up over time and creates the possibility of success.

Development is a Multi-Year Process

Understand development is a multi-year process. Look at any world-class lifter. They didn’t start training yesterday, or last year, or 4 years ago. They didn’t start training 6-9 times a week with less than a year of training. Nor did they begin frequent max out sessions. Take one look at A.S. Medvedeyev’s “A Muti-Year System of Training.” and see for yourself how many years lifters train before frequent heavy lifting is done in training. Medvedeyev was the long time head coach of the former Soviet Union and created the blueprint for training by which all other blueprints were created.


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