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A HUGE MISTAKE USA weightlifting would like you to forget

This video shows Casey making 223 kg in the jerk to win overall silver and clean & jerk gold at the 2007 Pan Am Games held in Brazil. He made the lift and at least temporarily won jerk gold. Until the Chilean coaches pointed out a mistake made on Casey’s attempt card. The coaches who were assigned as head coaches of the U.S. team made 1 more attempt change than allowed. If Casey missed his 3rd jerk the home town hero Christian Escalante wins gold creating no need for his coaches to point out the U.S. coaches error. Instead, Casey makes the lift prompting the other coaches to point it out. This error by U.S. coaches nullified Casey’s 223 kg lift moving him to silver for the jerk and forfeiting potential earnings a gold medal would make. Why bring this up? These same coaches are still figureheads of USA weightlifting and promote themselves as “experts” when they made one of the biggest mistakes, if not the biggest mistake in our countries history. To make matters worse, these coaches tried to hide their mistake by using white out and blaming Anti-U.S. sentiment for what happened. There are other mistakes I will point out and provide evidence for. It will only get more ridiculous. Do you want to be governed by such incompetence or monetarily support such an organization?


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