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Debunking Strength Coaching Myths About Weightlifting

Myth #1

We don’t need weightlifting movements to increase athleticism

Producing maximum force in minimal time & the ability to switch from one direction to another (linear & lateral movement) or its opposite (sprint forward to back pedal) are skills that benefit a multitude of athletes from football, basketball, tennis and many track & field sports.

It is a prime choice for potentiation of power feats, such as the first 8-foot high jump (Javier Sotomayer did heavy snatch triples that morning), or Christian Taylor’s first place finish in the 2016 Olympic Trials in triple jump (hang cleaned 350lbs shortly before his competition). George St. Pierre used Olympic weightlifting frequently in his training as does Alexandr Usyk.

George St. Pierre used weightlifting in his training

Coaches are free to have an opinion but when they contradict science think for yourself. We are here to help.

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