"Stephen has helped me tremendously as an athlete and coach. As an athlete, I trusted him to help coach me in competition and supervise my preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when my head coach (Don McCauley) was out of town extensively that summer. As a coach, he helped me with coaching my first lifter in competition and pointed out what I needed to pay attention to in the warmup area, and count attempts. Stephen is very knowledgeable in matters of technique and training. and is one of the few coaches I trusted with my career.  Cheryl Haworth 3 time Olympian, Olympic and World Championship medalist. 11 time National Champion. Youth World record holder. 

Cheryl Haworth

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"Stephen Powell's blog is a great resource to learn about weightlifting for lifters of all levels. Especially impressive are his understanding of different national training systems and philosophies and his ability to apply those principles in relevant takeaways for readers. If you're a competitive or aspiring lifter — or just a fan of strength — I'd highly recommend giving his posts a read."​  David Tao Editor and Co-Founder, BarBend.com

David Tao

Stephen Powell was one of the first coaches I came in contact with that was able to conceptualize and translate the Eastern weightlifting methodologies to the general public. Between his careful attention to details and his continuing research and connections on the latest updates in this methodology, he is able to take a lifter from any background and improve upon the skill set they already possess. Couple this with his knowledge of FMS and other training modalities and you get an approach to weightlifting that gradually and incrementally builds a lifter up over time rather that take shortcuts for the instant success. A lot of coaches are in it for the wrong reasons but Stephen is not one of them. Even being able to spend 5 minutes with him is well worth the investment

Tom Sroka

Stephen has provided insight and guidance to me during my weightlifting journey. He has identified flaws in my technique that had previously gone unnoticed. He has helped me clear my mind when I am over thinking my lifts. Stephen has developed his unique coaching style through years of study and learning from many successful coaches. His coaching goes beyond teaching the lifts, as he understands and addresses the numerous variables that impact the development of his weightlifters

Mike Szela

2013 American Open Champion 69 kg class.

I have known Stephen Powell for a number of years. I know of his excellent ability to coach in Olympic weightlifting. He has a vast knowledge on all aspects of the sport. Stephen has an admirable record in producing world-class athletes in weightlifting. He also is an exceptional strength coach, working with athletes in sports which require strength training as part of their athletic preparation.

Paul Coffa

General Secretary Oceania Weightlifting Federation Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation Director – Oceania Weightlifting Institute Coach - at Nine Olympic Games

Coach Powell is a passionate coach who teaches the lifts in a simple but effective manner. His philosophy is to develop athletes through various stages to maximize health and results while minimizing muscular imbalances and injuries. I can attest that he is well versed in weightlifting which can be realized if one takes just 5 minutes to discuss weightlifting with him. If you have the chance to learn about technique from him, I would encourage that you do so.

Jean-Patrick Milllette

Stephen is a coach that has been around weightlifting even before it was a popular sport. He has a true passion for learning about weightlifting techniques and concepts and has a very interesting take on the Chinese system. I recommend learning from his experiences to increase your own knowledge.

Travis Cooper

I've known Stephen for many years in weightlifting and have enjoyed discussing technique and the world of lifting when we have time. If you are looking for a coach that understands technique and coaching, then you have come to the right place with Stephen.

Mark Cannella

Head Coach and President, Columbus Weightlifting

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