STEPHEN POWELL USAW International Coach. 

11 National Champions, Olympians and consultant coach to top-level weightlifters in the U.S. Contributor to and Methods endorsed by International coaches. Visit our Services or Testimonial page to find out more. Online coaching and video analysis available. 


World class coaching and individual programming

in an ego free atmosphere.


Stephen     Powell

Palmetto Weightlifting is operated by Stephen Powell. Stephen Has worked with 11 National Champions and 2 Olympians in Weightlifting as well as other Pro athletes such as NFL running back Samkon Gado, 3-time world medalist in shot put and Highland Games World Champion Adriane Wilson. His first apprenticeship was done under Shin-Ho Kang, former head coach of South Korea, and was influenced by Paul Coffa, head coach of the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in New Caledonia. He has coached lifters that trained at the former Olympic Training Center, and others who have weightlifting scholarships at Lindenwood University whose program is run by Jianping Ma. He also trains clients online across the U.S. as well as on four continents. 


Proven Record


I have known Stephen Powell for a number of years. I know of his excellent ability to coach in Olympic weightlifting. He has a vast knowledge on all aspects of the sport. Stephen has an admirable record in producing world-class athletes in weightlifting. He also is an exceptional strength coach, working with athletes in sports which require strength training as part of their athletic preparation.


Paul Coffa

General Secretary Oceania Weightlifting Federation Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation Director – Oceania Weightlifting Institute Coach - at Nine Olympic Games

Stephen Powell


1825 Laurel St. 

Columbia, SC 29201

Tel: 803-673-0503


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