Online coaching and technical analysis are available for lifters of all ages and stages in training. Find out for yourself the training philosophy and principles that have helped Olympians such as Cheryl Haworth and many top lifters in the U.S. such as Travis Cooper, Tom Sroka, and Mike Szela.  

Gold package: 100 dollars a month. Individual training routines, video analysis of training videos and competition preparation available.  

Silver package: 50 dollars a month. If you're tired of a lack of results or working hard for little too no reward I can help get your training back on track with one of my custom training templates. 

Bronze package: 30 dollars a month. Video analysis of training videos available. Find out where your technique begins to break down and what to do to correct it. 

One on one coaching is available for 50 dollars per session. Online coaching and video analysis of your lifts are available for a monthly fee.


Want to join our team? Palmetto weightlifters pay a monthly fee for unlimited training sessions and video analysis by coach Powell. Tryouts are private (usually a small group no more than 5 lifters at once), If interested contact us with the information provided on the contact page.


Strength & Conditioning for athletes and the military. A variety of methods using Kettlebells, barbells and gymnastics exercises are used to achieve optimal results.


Drop-ins are welcome. If you're passing through town and need a place to train let us know. Reasonable fees apply.

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